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A while ago, Dillon posted on a hunting forum that if anyone had a spare trail camera sitting in their garage or something, he would like it.

So a guy posted that he had a camera sitting around not being used (not a trail camera, just a normal camera). And since our camera is currently broken (it still takes pictures, but the display doesn’t work and the quality of pictures has gone downhill), Dillon said he was interested.

A while later, a package came in the mail. A camera box, cords, etc.–but no camera.

Dillon emailed the guy about it, to let the guy know. He responded saying his daughter must have it, but he would get it to us.

And then this morning, Dillon got an email saying that his daughter had lost it. But that he had told us he would get us a camera, so we could expect a package in the mail.

Wow. I have been flooded with kindness lately. Someone gave us a free couch. Someone helped us move. I’ve been getting lots of baby stuff. My heart is bursting with gratitude at how good people are. I haven’t asked for much, people just do it because they care.

I just want to try to do something for others. But no matter how much I give, I will always, always receive more.