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Go Forward

So MM was climbing up and down a small set of three stairs outside. I wanted her to keep going on because there was a better set of stairs later on. But she didn’t trust  me–she just wanted to keep climbing those same few stairs. When I got her to keep going and she got to the big set, she dropped her chin in amazement. Sometimes we need to keep going and trust that what’s ahead can be better than right now.


First snowfall





P/s: I have new book light, i found it on here. It very cute.



A while ago, Dillon posted on a hunting forum that if anyone had a spare trail camera sitting in their garage or something, he would like it.

So a guy posted that he had a camera sitting around not being used (not a trail camera, just a normal camera). And since our camera is currently broken (it still takes pictures, but the display doesn’t work and the quality of pictures has gone downhill), Dillon said he was interested.

A while later, a package came in the mail. A camera box, cords, etc.–but no camera.

Dillon emailed the guy about it, to let the guy know. He responded saying his daughter must have it, but he would get it to us.

And then this morning, Dillon got an email saying that his daughter had lost it. But that he had told us he would get us a camera, so we could expect a package in the mail.

Wow. I have been flooded with kindness lately. Someone gave us a free couch. Someone helped us move. I’ve been getting lots of baby stuff. My heart is bursting with gratitude at how good people are. I haven’t asked for much, people just do it because they care.

I just want to try to do something for others. But no matter how much I give, I will always, always receive more.

Three People and a Lesson

Yesterday, I was walking past a junior high. There was a cross-country track meet going on, as well as some football practice.

The first parent I saw was in her car, working. There were lots of papers and a phone out and she was in her business clothes.

The second parent I saw was on the grass, cheering on her son as he came running by.

The last one was in his car and weird beeping noises were coming out of his iPad.

And I realized: I want to be the parent on the sidelines cheering. It was probably terribly boring–she had to wait a while for her son to run by. But she was out there. She was supportive. She was being a mom.

I don’t want to be working all the time. And I especially don’t want to be wasting time away on electronics.

I want to notice these moments:



Jobs and other Good Things

Dillon got a job. Which means that we are moving to the desert of Nevada at the end of October. He’ll be a park ranger.

I am grateful and excited, but I don’t know what to expect. I’ve never lived that far away from extended family–in fact, I’ve never lived outside of the state of Utah. There are lots of little worries here and there, about housing and furniture and friends and that sort of thing. It will all just be very new.

But I hope it’ll be a good sort of new.

That’s our big news. And it’s really big: this will probably be the next thirty years or so. In Nevada. Being a park ranger. Am I excited? I think so, though I’m not sure. I’ll just live in the present and take what comes at me. And be grateful that we actually found a job.

We took family pictures:


Little MM is so amazing. Some things she’s done: Dillon took out the trash, and she had a new trash bag ready when he came back in. She’s starting to imitate words now, so she sort of said tissue today. We have colds. Her Uncle Ben was babysitting her, and she got the keys, and shoes, and her doll–well, she tried to get all of it, but couldn’t quite manage–and she went outside to the car. And then she got the stroller and put her doll in it and was dragging Uncle Ben all over the place, playing grown-up. That’s her favorite thing to do.

I’m Trying to be Realistic

When I talk to people about writing, I may end up discouraging them. I’m okay with that. Because I want to be a realist: and the reality is, getting published is crazy difficult. And even the writing beforehand is crazy difficult.

Writing a first draft is not as difficult. That’s the easy part of it. Lots and lots of people churn out first drafts. But sitting down and revising that first draft, and revising it again, and realizing that you need a whole different plot by the time your on your third draft, and then realizing on your fourth or fifth draft that you need change the point of view/narration completely, necessitating you write every word again–that’s what writing is like. Writing is deleting a chunk of 85 pages and never looking back. Writing is getting rejection letter after rejection letter.

If you really, really want to be successful at writing, you have to fail. A lot. And fail again. And you must have the gumption to pick yourself up after failing miserably and going at it again.

Writing requires constant perseverance. It requires a drive to succeed and an understanding of what it takes to succeed: revision and revision some more, going out of your comfort zone again and again–pushing yourself to be better and better.

There are lots of people who want to be writers. But it’s not easy. At least not for normal people.

You have to want it enough that you to realize how crazy difficult it is and then you still want to put in all the time and effort to do it.

Now, if you just want to write stories and books for fun, do it. Enjoy it! Love it! It’s a wonderful thing to do. I’ll encourage that in a heartbeat. Creation is a wonderful thing. Go forth!

But if you want to get published, it’s not fun. It’s not easy. It’s not comfortable. It’s hard.

I know. I’ve been there. I’ve failed lots and lots. And I’ve picked myself up and kept going.

Thanksgiving, Winter, and Christmas

I am not ready for it to be winter. It snowed where I live a while ago and there is still snow on the ground, but I haven’t taken any pictures because I still want it to be fall. I know that it is the end of November. I know that Christmas is coming too–in fact, I put up my Christmas decorations yesterday. Which isn’t a big deal because they include two stockings, a very tiny Christmas tree, some presents I wrapped, and some blocks that spell out MM’s name with a Santa and a  reindeer.

Have I mentioned I’m almost done buying Christmas presents? Though I have a lot to make still, most everything is bought. And I’ve already made a lot too. It’s nice not procrastinating. In fact, have I mentioned that I’m really bad at procrastinating?

Thanksgiving was wonderful. It’s one of my favorite holidays. I don’t get into holidays, but Thanksgiving is all about really good food. And getting together with family. And there aren’t much frills and whistles to it. And it happens in the fall. I went to my parent’s house. I brought some candied yams that were filled with marshmallows, brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, and a little nutmeg. So good. The stuffing had mushrooms in it. There was cranberry-orange relish. The pumpkin pie was made with blue hubbard squash and it was the best pumpkin pie ever. And, as always, rainbow jello, though I don’t really like the flavor, just that’s it there.

Dillon had to work at 4:00 on Thanksgiving, but it was okay. I watched Spider-man. And then yesterday morning, we watched 17 Miracles, which me made cry multiple times. In a good way, but still, that movie is cruel.

I should mention that MM can finally turn over–yesterday she was rolling about, from back to tummy to back again. She loves standing, too. And currently has a cold, so she isn’t the easiest baby to get along with, but she’s so calm about things it’s okay.