Three People and a Lesson

Yesterday, I was walking past a junior high. There was a cross-country track meet going on, as well as some football practice.

The first parent I saw was in her car, working. There were lots of papers and a phone out and she was in her business clothes.

The second parent I saw was on the grass, cheering on her son as he came running by.

The last one was in his car and weird beeping noises were coming out of his iPad.

And I realized: I want to be the parent on the sidelines cheering. It was probably terribly boring–she had to wait a while for her son to run by. But she was out there. She was supportive. She was being a mom.

I don’t want to be working all the time. And I especially don’t want to be wasting time away on electronics.

I want to notice these moments:




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