Jobs and other Good Things

Dillon got a job. Which means that we are moving to the desert of Nevada at the end of October. He’ll be a park ranger.

I am grateful and excited, but I don’t know what to expect. I’ve never lived that far away from extended family–in fact, I’ve never lived outside of the state of Utah. There are lots of little worries here and there, about housing and furniture and friends and that sort of thing. It will all just be very new.

But I hope it’ll be a good sort of new.

That’s our big news. And it’s really big: this will probably be the next thirty years or so. In Nevada. Being a park ranger. Am I excited? I think so, though I’m not sure. I’ll just live in the present and take what comes at me. And be grateful that we actually found a job.

We took family pictures:


Little MM is so amazing. Some things she’s done: Dillon took out the trash, and she had a new trash bag ready when he came back in. She’s starting to imitate words now, so she sort of said tissue today. We have colds. Her Uncle Ben was babysitting her, and she got the keys, and shoes, and her doll–well, she tried to get all of it, but couldn’t quite manage–and she went outside to the car. And then she got the stroller and put her doll in it and was dragging Uncle Ben all over the place, playing grown-up. That’s her favorite thing to do.


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