Thanksgiving, Winter, and Christmas

I am not ready for it to be winter. It snowed where I live a while ago and there is still snow on the ground, but I haven’t taken any pictures because I still want it to be fall. I know that it is the end of November. I know that Christmas is coming too–in fact, I put up my Christmas decorations yesterday. Which isn’t a big deal because they include two stockings, a very tiny Christmas tree, some presents I wrapped, and some blocks that spell out MM’s name with a Santa and a  reindeer.

Have I mentioned I’m almost done buying Christmas presents? Though I have a lot to make still, most everything is bought. And I’ve already made a lot too. It’s nice not procrastinating. In fact, have I mentioned that I’m really bad at procrastinating?

Thanksgiving was wonderful. It’s one of my favorite holidays. I don’t get into holidays, but Thanksgiving is all about really good food. And getting together with family. And there aren’t much frills and whistles to it. And it happens in the fall. I went to my parent’s house. I brought some candied yams that were filled with marshmallows, brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, and a little nutmeg. So good. The stuffing had mushrooms in it. There was cranberry-orange relish. The pumpkin pie was made with blue hubbard squash and it was the best pumpkin pie ever. And, as always, rainbow jello, though I don’t really like the flavor, just that’s it there.

Dillon had to work at 4:00 on Thanksgiving, but it was okay. I watched Spider-man. And then yesterday morning, we watched 17 Miracles, which me made cry multiple times. In a good way, but still, that movie is cruel.

I should mention that MM can finally turn over–yesterday she was rolling about, from back to tummy to back again. She loves standing, too. And currently has a cold, so she isn’t the easiest baby to get along with, but she’s so calm about things it’s okay.


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